Connecting Renters and Owners for housing security.


Connecting the gaps of service between public and private sectors that limits peoples ability to access, maintain and produce affordable housing.

Basic needs start with Housing

  • Removing barriers through education and training on housing systems and structures
  • Providing placement services to renters and owners
  • Providing 3rd party services to Service Providers who service renters who access public housing resources
  • Ensure units are adequate, decent and sanitary through inspection process

Intentional Housing

Optimize for the following key determinants when filling housing needs.

  • Health and Health Care
  • Neighborhood and Built Environment
  • Economic Stability
  • Education
  • Social and Community Context

Capacity building

We build in 4.5 hours of staff time per rental assistance/ voucher program through streamlined services.

We have reduced owners time on property by 70% through supportive housing navigation services.

Who Do We Work With…

Housing Navigation Platform

What is Housing Navigation?

B-Konnected believes that housing navigation is streamlining housing systems between private and public sectors, in-order to create housing security. Housing navigation removes barriers to owners, searching tenants and service providers by streamlining communication and building in capacity. 

Renters and owners can get connected today through joining our Housing Navigation Platform. We match renters and units through intentional matching. We use housing navigation skills and knowledge to advocate for both owners and renters.

Why we work to create access for voucher holders and those accessing rental assistance programming

  • These programs create stability within the housing market and reduce risk among real estate profiles
    • Guaranteed 70% of rent and utilities each month while tenant pays an adjusted 30% of income to housing.
    • Yearly home inspections to ensure good tenancy and to build in prevention within property
    • Some programs will pay for deposit in addition to monthly rental assistance
    • Some programs even come with mitigation funding for repairs
    • Long term tenancy among those who access programming
    • When our public housing dollars are being used all local economies increase due to constant rent monies being funneled to property and community
  • Many programs come with community supports for services
  • These programs account for over 700 Million dollars in Colorado
  • Seniors, veterans , working class families and those living with disabilities access these programs and we believe all should have access to a home! How one pays rent should not disqualify them from housing opportunity!
  • In order for community services to work and for community members to engage, they must have housing access first.

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