Prevention Focused

Our goal is to make housing resources and information more accessible to tenants, landlords and service providers. Education and skill building creates equity within housing navigation and creates pathways to self-sufficiencies. Education creates an awareness that creates long-lasting change in our communities and lives we serve.

Trainings for Renters!

Partner with us today! Build in Prevention within Housing Navigation

Trainings Opportunities:

  • Housing 101- designed for those without housing resources
  • Housing Navigation: Securing housing with your housing resources 
  • Creating a Stable Home: Housing Plan, Long Term Tenancy, Understanding Housing Resources, Tenants Rights and Community Supports
  • Housing Quality Standard Inspections: How? What? Why?

Building in Prevention and Community Supports (on-site and or in-home)

  • Clinical Supportive Services (licensed professional) 
    • Ethical Communication Skills
    • Conflict Resolutions
    • Connecting to Service Provide
    • Household Relationship Focus
  • Eviction Prevention 
    • Housing Stability focus 
    • Prevention focus on-going in home
  • Community Connections 
    • Employment Services
    • Health Services

Additional Resources for Tenants Now!

Righters Rights rights are important to B-Konnected and we want renters to be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of their rights and resources in order to secure and maintain housing. Please check out guide offered in both Spanish and English which was created by the Denver Metro Apartment Association.

B-Konnected, utilizes the Colorado Financial Assistance Guide which lists over 100 agencies, non-profits and other organizations that offer renters a variety of resources to meet their rental and basic needs. This resources was created by the Colorado Apartment Association, Colorado Association of Realtors, the Colorado Housing Finance Authority, Colorado Housing Connects, and the Colorado Division of Housing.

B-Konnected implements and follows Fair Housing Law and wants to ensure renters and service providers have all resources to ensure the rights of renters. Please check out Denver Metro Fair Housing Center for more resources and knowledge around Fair Housing law and housing discriminations.

Contact for more information, questions, and pricing! We providing consulting to providers as well!