Home-sharing, Shared Housing and Roommates

Connecting renters and fostering independence through innovative, affordable housing and services. Creates homes, safe havens and time to re-charge and re-build. Become a roommate today, to save money, to create a rental history, be closer to your job or desired location. Home-sharing is not a new concept in the United States, its something that has been around forever! It’s a great way to increase property revenues which is known as “sharing economy platform.” The services within the platform, provide a platform for matching renters who are looking for a place to stay for a period of time with other owners who have some sort of rental space available. This rental space could include; home, apartment or extra bedroom. If you are interested in creating an owner partnership with B-Konnected and would like to upload your home to our Housing Navigation Platform, we would love to connect renters to your space!

B-Konnected Home-Sharing Connections

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B-Konnected, connects agencies and owners to provide homes to promote self-sufficiency and housing access for some of the most vulnerable in our community. Home-Housing Connections, goal is to reduce and prevent homelessness by providing underserved individuals and families with safe, stable, affordable housing, intentional and individualized services, to transition out of homelessness, to focus on healing, building positive rental history and housing security. We partner with agencies to provide supportive services and housing programming to owners and tenants.

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