B-Konnected Inspections were developed to increase providers/staff and program capacity. While ensuring we met the demand for high-quality inspections within the affordable housing sector. Our inspectors are social workers and housing navigators who are experienced and trained within HUD standards. We aim to humanize the HQS Inspection process for tenants, owners and providers.

Inspections are used to ensure that a property meets Housing and Urban Developments Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and Uniform Physical Condition Standard (UPCS) Inspections.

The B-Konnected team has already conducted over 500 inspections in our first two year of operations. Inspections includes initial, annual, follow-up, and special inspections for the HCV and Rental Assistance programming.

B-Konnected works with local maintenance crews that can support owners and providers on addressing any needed repairs or general maintenance. Reach out to us today for more information.

Partnering with B-Konnected

We can work with any inspection process and models that agencies implement. Agencies schedule directly with B-Konnected for requested inspections. Certified Inspectors will complete requested service and send completed reports within 24 hours of service.

Owners Partner with B-Konnected

We offer inspections to owners who are providing rentals to renters who are accessing HUD rental assistance programming and Housing Choice Voucher programming. Our inspectors will provide inspections services to prior to service providers coming out for annuals! Avoid “fails” with prevention!

Efficiency = Cost Saving

  • HQS & UPCS inspections
  • Inspection scheduling
  • Inspection communication management
  • Quality control inspections
  • Pre-REAC inspections

If your agency is interested in learning more about outsourcing your UPCS or HQS inspection and could benefit from reducing cost and increasing capacity, please contact us!

Check out our other services: Rent Reasonable Studies, Trainings, and Placement Services. We also offer educational moments too!