Owner & Landlord Supportive Services

​Meeting owners and tenants where they are at creates intentional services and supportive measures. Let our team of HUD trained specialists, create safety nets for prevention and capacity at your properties. Our team provides administrative supports, and HUD required supportive services to owners. Through this expansion of services, owners property profiles will decrease in administrative burden and task requirements, when working with HUD programming and tenants. Streamlined communication, community resources and expertise will create a new edge to your property investment profile.

Building capacity within owners and landlords teams provides specialized services, which creates stability on property for tenants, owners and the community.

B-Konnected equips owners with tools in-order, to meet renters needs, increase housing and property stability.


Our B-Konnected team engages with local elected officials at both local and State levels. Advocating and providing education on local policy that impacts renters and owners, is key to B-Konnecteds’ work. Our goal is create a platform of collective knowledge and voices of renters and owners when working with local policy driven groups and elected officials. B-Konnected uses collected data and research to analyzes renters, services and properties stability allows for tools and knowledge to create intentional community policy, advocacy and collective equity.

Resource connection builds in prevention within real-estate profiles

Our team of Social Workers bridge the gaps of service between service providers and community members. These services will ensure tenants needs are being met and communicated which creates skills for maintaining housing. By removing these barriers to owners will allow owners to continue to carry out property needs.

Services Include:

  • Providing connection to local community resources such as food security, health care and prevention resources, mental health and spiritual health connections.
  • Providing skill building to tenants who may need support in maintaining unit. This may include; our team providing resources and skill building suggestion to tenants with follow-up on property, connecting to community service providers and communicating to existing providers
  • We will continue to support owners to identify specific needs and challenges

Example of B-Konnecteds resource for tenants

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Housing and Urban Development Support

Our team of housing experts aims to support owners who work with renters who are accessing HUD programing such as vouchers and rental assistance programming. We provide administration and communication support on your behave to service providers in-regards to tenant programming.

Our housing team will ensure your unit meets the HUD required Housing Quality Standard inspection requirements and meet service providers on property. We will continue to work with tenants and property staff to ensure units continue to meet Federal standards.

We offer owners support in setting and projecting their rents through our rent reasonable tool. Investing into technologies to support owners and property needs are central to our work.

Administration & Communication Supports Include:

  • Projecting rents and ensuring Rent Reasonableness is meant
  • Filling out all required HUD and Agency materials and documentation for housing programming
  • Communicating any tenant needs or concerns
  • Communicating needs and concerns of owners
  • Ensuring unit meets and maintains Federal housing standards
  • Meeting service providers on property for inspections

Placement Services

We work with community housing providers who support tenants who access rental assistance programming. We will match and refer tenants to your property while advertising on our site. To learn more about our placement services or to upload a unit to our system, please contact our bkonnectedteam@b-konnected.org.


With years of experience in administrating HUD programming and services, our team have the capabilities and expertise to support your property profile and tenants needs. We combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, when working with HUD programming and supporting tenants who may need additional supports. By connecting the gaps of service through streamlined services and prevention tactics, we can create sustainable partnerships and tendencies. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our client structure and manage their property profiles.

For more information about our services and pricing, please contact us!

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