Housing Navigation Platform

What is Housing Navigation?

B-Konnected believes that housing navigation is streamlining housing systems between private and public sectors, in-order to create housing security. Housing navigation removes barriers to owners, searching tenants and service providers by streamlining communication and building in capacity. We connect renters to single homes to Home-Sharing options.

B-Konnecteds’ Housing Navigation Platform, aims to connect searching tenants and properties through intentional matching efforts. Our housing navigator advocates for tenants who are marginalized in the housing market. Our housing navigators provides supportive services to Owners who seek renters through B-Konnected. Owners receive on-going support after tenants are housed when dealing with HUD administration and agency navigation. 

Enroll your property and tenant information today! Or contact B-Konnected Team with questions at bkonnectedteam@b-konnected.org. 

B-Konnected’s Roles with Owners and Landlords

An Owner/Landlord partners with owners to  units to B-Konnected for Housing Navigation Services. To obtain information on units contracted through B-Konnected, please enroll into our Housing Navigation Platform for searching tenants.

Community Partnerships

B-Konnected works closely with community partners who administrates community rental assistance and HUD programming. We provide housing navigation services to their community members. If you are interested in learning more about our community partnerships, please email our B-Konnected Team at bkonnectedteam@b-konnected.org.

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