Rent Reasonable Studies

Partnering with B-Konnected

Rent reasonableness standard is designed to ensure that rents being paid are reasonable in relation to rents being charged for comparable unassisted units in the same market. Before a renter who is accessing a voucher or rental assistance program can lease-up, a housing agency is required to conduct a rent reasonable study.

Our rent reasonable tool is our solution to providing affordable rent reasonableness studies for agencies and owners. As owners, this tool will provide you with an analysis of local market rate for rental assessments.

B-Konnecteds’ rent reasonable tool creates an affordable and more time efficient process in determining Rent Reasonableness. Current Rent Reasonableness methods require several hours of staff time. Our tool, will build in more capacity within housing teams and staffing. By building in capacity within housing teams, can allow for increase within overall service delivery programming.

If your agency is interested in learning more about outsourcing your Rent Reasonable Studies and could benefit from reducing cost and increasing capacity, please contact us!