Services with B-Konnected

Contract bkonnectedteam@b-konnected.org for more information! Let us build in more capacity within your service delivery models and housing profiles. Our team has years in public and private sectors providing services and housing programming to communities! #getconnected today!
We have only been in business since 2018! During this time, our small and growing team has provided capacity and homes! We continue to grow, develop and measure our work through housing security and access. #getconnected today by utilizing our services! Contact us today!

Housing Navigation Platform (HNP)

HNP for both renters and owners where we intentional match for housing navigation services. 9 out of 10 showings are accepted on first showing by owners! We have a high placement rate among renters as well due to our educational training and many of our renters are supported both finically and are connected to community providers. Join our HNP for Tenants and HNP for owners!

Centered Approached to Housing!

What Housing Navigation Means to B-Konnected

B-Konnected believes that housing navigation is streamlining housing systems and communications in-order to remove barriers to owners, searching tenants and service providers. We focus on capacity building within housing and clinical teams while, connecting tenants to landlords in the community.

B-Konnected’s Roles with Owners and Landlords

An Owner/Landlord contracts specific units to B-Konnected for placement services. Services included a signed contract between B- Konnected and Landlord/unit. B-Konnected, gathers unit information and basic tenant criteria. B-Konnected then refers matched tenants/service providers to landlord/unit who meets basic screenings. Owner/Landlord will then conduct showing and tenant screening/final approval.

Once a tenant is approved for a unit, B-Konnected will contact service provider to ‘warm-hand-off’ the landlord. B-Konnected will then end service on the unit unless landlord requests additional supports. The housing team is expected to provide all HUD required paperwork to approve unit for inspections and lease-up, to landlord. Its suggested, to schedule an inspection with landlord in same communication as requested HUD paperwork. B-Konnected can provide HQS-Inspection services on behave of agencies, if needed.

Housing Navigation Platform – Starts with advocacy

When enrolling a community member into the Housing Navigation Platform, please follow the steps below. We focus on advocacy when removing barriers for searching renters who may be marginalized. We rely on front line staff for support during this process. Its suggested prior to enrollment; to have advocacy letters (which may include: letter of service, provide a positive reference for community member, why services are important for maintaining housing), positive shelter and/or motel stays (documents rental history), criminal history documents or personal references on character, rental references etc.. and any additional tools for our teams to advocate on behave of community members.

Inspections & Rent Reasonableness Studies

Education & Trainings!

Housing Navigation Training & Resources We offer several different types of education and training opportunities to owners, providers and tenants. We offer consulting services as well on identifying gaps of service within service delivery models and solutions. B-Konnected offers trainings to tenants on how to navigate their housing resources during housing search!

Contact our team at bkonnectedteam@b-konnected.org for more about opportunities with B-Konnected.